Why We Must Act

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. The effects of climate change have already begun to change our world dramatically, as can be seen in this NASA compilation of before and after images from around the world. The cost is immense, and growing rapidly: In 2012 alone, extreme weather events cost US taxpayers $100 Billion — more than we spent on education or transportation! Political instability has increased around the world as extreme drought dries up the Middle East and Africa. The civil war in Syria was sparked by several years of extraordinary drought, where approximately 85% of livestock died of thirst or hunger and agricultural production fell off precipitously. Millions of once prosperous farmers were forced to migrate to cities, which became political and social tinderboxes. This is the world that awaits us unless we act now.

Take It Viral!

Let’s turn this Earth Day, April 22, into a day of education and action on Climate Change. Join Organizing for Action Michigan, Clean Water Action, and Ann Arbor 350 to hold coordinated events around the country on Earth Day and the weekend leading up to it – rallies, educational forums, house parties, you name it! It’s not hard. We are preparing materials to guide organizers through the nuts and bolts of finding a venue, inviting speakers, and generating publicity. Invite climate researchers from local universities or colleges, Climate Reality presenters, knowledgeable political figures, or use our educational materials to roll your own presentation. For more information, contact info@edca2014.org. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, @EDCA2014, and like our Facebook page.

It's Not Hard

Setting up an educational event or rally is not that difficult to do. Finding speakers is generally easy: Climate scientists are by and large anxious to reach out to the public, and Climate Reality Project presenters have been trained to speak on climate change. If that doesn't pan out, you'll find a PowerPoint on this site that can be used as the basis of your own presentation. Finding a venue is also not too challenging: libraries, churches, and colleges often have free or low-cost rooms available. The biggest task is usually publicity, but the Resources section of this site provides extensive guidance on reaching out to the press, using social media, creating flyers... you name it. And the more Earth Day: Climate Change events there are, the easier it will be to attract attention.