Creating an event isn't hard.

Here are resources to guide you through the process:

Getting Started Planning Your Event

Form a Committee

Many hands make light work! Reach out to friends and environmental organizations in your area. If you would like help finding local people who care about climate change, send email to, including your location and contact information.

Choosing a Format (Educational Forum, Rally, etc.)

An early decision to make is the format of your event:  Will it be an educational event or more of a rally? Will you have political figures speaking? Will it be held indoors or out? If you are thinking of holding the event in a public library or church, you should plan for an educational event. Such an event can be quite inexpensive, whereas a rally may involve the cost of a permit or renting a hall, sound system rental, and the like.

Guide to Media Outreach

This material is excerpted from the page, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and intended for sharing.

Mainstream Media Outreach

This short guide will help you to spread your local activism far and wide, and also give you tips on how to build successful relationships with reporters to support your future efforts. We’ve structured this guide around the steps that you will take if you’re organizing a local event, rally, or protest. There are lots of other ways to create change, but no matter what sort of activism you’re engaged in, these steps are a great place to start. Steps 1 – 4 can be done in one group meeting, Steps 5 & 6 require a little ‘legwork’, Step 7 should be easy, and Step 8 is just some follow up.

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